What Size Teva Sandals Should I Buy

What Size Teva Sandals Should I Buy

What Size Teva Sandals Should I Buy – It’s a question that comes up every now and then in discussions about footwear… who makes the better adventure sandal, Chaco or Teva? That’s a good question, and since I own both brands and have used them regularly for over 10 years now, I thought I’d write my thoughts in a blog post. So here it is…my review of both shoes and who makes the better pair…

The two shoes compared: Chaco Z1 and Teva Hurricane (both pictured above). Please keep this in mind throughout the review as I am not reviewing the brands in general, but specifically analyzing the two styles against each other.

What Size Teva Sandals Should I Buy

Working on adjusting the Chaco straps takes a lot more than the simple adjustment of Tevas (no velcro), but if you take your time, you really can get your Chacos to fit *just right*. Tevas use a velcro system so they are very easy to strap on and go. The soles of the Chacos are much thicker than the Tevas while the Tevas have a much softer footbed which is heavenly after a long day of hiking or backpacking. Since the Teva footbed is thinner, you can sometimes feel rocks, branches, and other bumps in the trail underfoot when hiking (which I personally like). The Chacos also have better arch support between the two shoes compared and are slightly narrower. Chacos have an anti-slip footbed, so even when the shoes get wet, the foot stays in place, which is so nice when walking in wet conditions. TBE is the opposite and I find that the second my feet get wet they tend to slip a lot in the sandal. While hiking I get blisters wearing Chacos every time, while I only get blisters in Tevas if the mileage is over 3 miles (but both give me blisters depending on the conditions, wearing socks with them can reduce blistering to a certain extent) .

Sandals For Cycling

Chacos are significantly heavier than Tevas. A pair of Chacos weighs 21.2 oz (over a pound) and a pair of Tevas weighs 14.6 oz. I have never grabbed Chacos to take backpacking as a camp shoe, only my Tevas and that is only because of the weight of the shoes. (Full disclosure I take a pair of Original Universal Tevas weighing 11oz when backpacking and not the pair reviewed). Also to note – both pairs of shoes float when in the water.

Both brands have been in the sandal game forever with Teva founded back in 1984 and Chaco in 1989. Both shoes are good quality and very durable. Tevas use a velcro system, sometimes when the velcro wears out you have to throw the shoe out because the straps no longer stick (I’ve had the pair I’m reviewing for 8 years and this has yet to happen) but since Chacos don’t use velcro, they don’t that problem. As of this review, no pair I have started to “break down” or fall apart. I would say that both are of equal quality for their own reasons. The only thing Chaco has over TBE is that they don’t have Velcro that can air out over time.

I went to each brand’s website to find the price of the shoe being reviewed. The Teva Hurricane costs $60 and the Chaco Z1 costs $105.

If you ask me what you should buy, I will ask you what you intend to do with them. If you told me you wanted a pair of camp shoes to take with you backpacking, I would recommend the TBE. If you want a pair of shoes for kayaking or that can be taken on wet trips where you want to walk with wet feet, I’d say Chacos for sure. Quality-wise, both shoes are great, so if you’re trying to save money, I’d definitely go with a pair of Tevas.

Teva Terra Fi 5 Review

If I had to choose one, I would choose Tevas! The reason is that I really like my Tevas as camp shoes when I go backpacking because the footbed is so soft and they are much lighter. I also find myself reaching for TBE when I head outdoors, run errands, go to the farmer’s market, out to the beach…everywhere. Also, I only have one pair of Chacos, but I have six pairs of Tevas, and I also think that speaks to what I really feel more comfortable in. And want room to wear socks with them.

…or you can size down to the nearest size if you want your Tevas to have a tighter fit.

With the cost of the bandanas ($12 USD) and a pair of Tevas ($50 USD), the total will still be much less than a pair of Arizona Love Trekking Boots.

Would you rather support Arizona Love’s “innovation” of sewing bandanas onto a shoe? Or support the original brand (which is made from recycled materials)?

Teva Women’s Hurricane Xlt2 Sandals In Bright, Bright Retro Multi, Size 10.0

(For what it’s worth, the Tevas weigh 303 grams, while the Arizona Love is 314 grams — so they’re basically the same weight and super light.)

For $49.95 (or if they’re on sale), these ugly boots are worth the horror and dismay.

Note: Using affiliate links that cost you nothing…but mean a lot to me. When you use these links, the money you earn is reinvested in blog content. Absolutely nothing on is “gifted”, I buy every item with my own money. Affiliate commissions are used to purchase new items for honest and thorough review. If you found this review helpful, please consider using them to support the Hurricane XLT 2 series is Teva’s latest addition to their popular range of boots. It’s a model specifically tailored for outdoor adventures, with a sole shaped for the trail to provide plenty of cushioning and grip.

The Hurricane XLT 2 comes in a creative range of color options, including Vista Sunset, multi-coloured, Chara Olive and simpler black and white styles, with sizes ranging from 3 to 13, including some children’s sizes too.

Sustainability + Summer Sandals: My Favourite Summer Sandals For Travel

It is described as a “regular fit”, with a heel height of 3 cm. It’s compactly tall enough to keep you feeling the spikiness of the trail below while providing plenty of cushioning.

As you can see, they have the strong velcro straps you’d expect from a Tiva sandal, and then contoured footcare points along the footbed with lots of arch support.

It’s made from Teva’s proprietary Durabrasion Rubber which has impressed us every time we’ve tested Teva products that feature it. It’s grippy enough to keep your feet gliding around, even when they’re a little wet with sweat, and it also provides traction on the trail, even on wet rock.

In the midsole there is a shock-absorbing EVA foam for cushioned comfort. There is also a shaft that is made of a thin but strong nylon that is able to block sharp rocks and roots. It also adds some stiffness, but there’s still enough flex for a comfortable stride.

Teva Universal Trail Review

The straps are made of polyester, nylon and recycled water-repellent mesh. This, we found, dried very quickly in sweaty conditions and didn’t stay wet for too long after river crossings.

“I’m a huge Teva fan and I still frequently wear the pair of Terra Floats I got five years ago now. I will say that even with the amount of wear I’ve put my pair through, they’ve performed impressively well, with no loss of damping and without wear.

“I’ve given the pair I tested for this review to a friend because I don’t need an extra pair to be honest, although I’ve considered keeping them because they seem a bit more spectacular for hiking, with a secure grip, Good cushioning and a decent bit of traction.There’s that quick drying ability too.

This specialized running light is designed to illuminate the road or trail ahead of you while remaining highly visible to oncoming…

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Designed with light weight and long mileage in mind, here’s our take on the new adidas Terrex Speed​​​​​​

An impressive new lightweight backpack from the Canadian brand, one that’s packed with smart features to support day trips or even summer backpacking adventures.

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Teva Original Universal Review

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