What To Do With Wedding Dress After Wedding

What To Do With Wedding Dress After Wedding

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What To Do With Wedding Dress After Wedding

For many couples, the party doesn’t stop at the party. Hint: the after-wedding party. Whether the plan is to rent a room at a themed bar or have a bonfire on the beach, this is the best time to go for a more festive wedding dress. Like wedding dresses, post-holiday wedding dresses give you the chance to try a whole new look—anything from a crisp white midi to a bright, statement one. Below, we’ve rounded up the best post-wedding dresses that are a second (or third!) must-have. From elegant and sophisticated silhouettes to fun and casual party dresses, read on for our favorite prom dresses that will keep the party going long after your reception.

Coloured Wedding Dresses

We can’t decide which element of a white wedding dress is the most attractive. From the one-shoulder puff sleeves to the side cut with flared detailing, this iconic frock epitomizes fun and masculinity.

A ruffled mini skirt with border isn’t the only thing to add to this wedding dress. Together, the off-the-shoulder, V-neckline and beautiful lace make for a beautiful bridal ensemble to celebrate your newlywed status.

This is a stunning lace wedding number that is made to stand out. A white curtain, combined with a romantic bed, creates a two-dimensional object that means business. With a plunging neckline and fitted silhouette, this is a popular wedding dress and you’ll want plenty of photos after the event.

Enter blue and bright after reception. From shimmering metallic embellishments and accents to faux feather straps, this stunning wedding dress is a showpiece. Even better, this plus size wedding dress comes in sizes 12 to 26.

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The ASTR label is one of our go-to fashion brands for stunning party wear – just look at the stunning satin party dresses. The off-white mini features a cropped cowl, a low back and a thin cross strap. This is a fun option if you want to show some skin.

Fashion moves and it deserves its time. Confetti fringe, side cutouts and flirty two-piece designs make this one of the trendiest wedding dresses ever. Style it with fun wedding pumps and a sparkling clutch for a memorable outfit.

Want even more funky fringes? We’ve got you covered. Join the party with this 20s fall outfit. This sweet design features a chic halter neckline, to an open back bodice.

This dreamy masterpiece will wow your guests at the party. Why? Embellished with champagne sequins in a French-inspired lace pattern. It also comes in three different skirt lengths: mini, ballerina and skirt. Trust us: This is a great outfit to take with you from the dance floor to a fancy bar.

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After your wedding, change into a low-cut dress that is also flattering. This wedding dress is defined by the popular square neck, double skirt and short full skirt made for a twist. Plus more? It will get many twists in your summer and summer wardrobe after your big day.

Get ready to dazzle the night away with this stunning bridal gown. The bag is covered in large white sequin discs for a dramatic effect. Additionally, the adjustable neck strap and adjustable back strap increase the amount of shock absorption.

This matching tool mini dress is made for the fashion-conscious woman who isn’t afraid to take fashion risks. Pair this strapless number with some statement earrings and a bold lip to celebrate your wedding with a sophisticated look.

To freshen up your post-wedding outfit, try this mango inspired outfit. The white frock features a plunging neckline and gold studded buttons that will sparkle all night long. And if wearing white isn’t your thing, you can’t go wrong with another option: black.

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Want a spicy body hug option? This white one-piece bridesmaid dress will take your party to the next level. We love the fit and sexy silhouette, but the side cut and high leg splits are the icing on the cake.

Two words: disco queen. Iridescent sequins, a V-neckline and a figure-hugging silhouette make this inspiring wedding dress a head-turner after the ceremony. Add sparkly wedding shoes for a dazzling wedding dress that commands attention.

This beautiful strapless dress for your wedding reception is attractive in its simplicity. This knit dress will dance with you—whether you’re hitting the dance floor or taking pictures. With that affordable price, it’s a budget option you can’t pass up.

There is no doubt that you will be the life of the party with this beautiful lace wedding dress. The plunging V-neckline and beautiful open back aren’t even the best part; It features a low back maxi skirt with a high back slit that exudes romance.

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If you’re a bride looking for a second wedding dress, you can’t go wrong with this timeless tea-length number. High through design on the shoulders, flattering neckline and short sleeves, it is an expression of elegance and romance.

This stunning bridal gown features a pleated neckline that flows into a curved front and a curved waistline. We also love those bold statements for the perfect sporty touch. Another idea: This pearl dress is also a great rehearsal dinner dress.

Boho brides, look no further than this cascading ruffle after the wedding reception. There is no doubt that you will look good and comfortable in stretch-satin clothes. This is the perfect dress to wrap up your beach wedding.

. Finally get an old Hollywood look in this glamorous maxi dress for your wedding dress. Plunging necklines, soft ruffles and high side slits add red carpet-worthy drama – so all eyes will be on you in this stunning collection.

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Talk about an amazing bridesmaid party dress. As if the scoop v-neckline and puffy shorts weren’t enough, the glittery embellishments make it even more so. We will call out the sexy ruching on the bodice and fit the style mini skirt.

You will be amazed to see this friendly dress after the wedding. We love the cowl neck, rhinestone embellishment and belted back. Margaritas (or mocktails) will be dressed to your liking.

We love how bold plums can instantly elevate your wedding look. The feather trim on the hem of this wedding dress provides a striking contrast to the plain silhouette. Style it with chunky gold hoops, a pair of chic block-heel bridal shoes and a cute clutch.

If you’re getting married, this after-party outfit gives us beach bar vibes. The ivory satin finish features a self-closing skirt, giving you control over how tight or tight you want the skirt to be. Ditch the uncomfortable shoes, and enjoy your wedding night!

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Petite ladies, this dress is for you. The plunging neckline, button-down back and silky fabric provide a chic, effortless vibe while still feeling sophisticated. Pair it with statement earrings and titular pearl wedding shoes to complement the simple style.

For cute maternity options, look no further than this cute maternity wedding dress for party. Made of 100% cotton, the glamorous frock is defined by a cap sleeve, painted back and intricate eyelets that define the season.

Pick up a crocheted dress after the wedding, then head to the bar for a fresh bite. What makes this short dress stand out is the light colored sleeves, square neckline and floral accents. Enhance your look with a beautiful wedding bouquet, and have fun.

If you’re looking for something different from the typical white bridesmaid dress, we’ve got a winner. This floral blouse has a thin shoulder strap, a drop waist and a back pleat. In addition, the light chiffon fabric makes for a very elegant dress that does not compromise on style.

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