When To Get Maternity Clothes

When To Get Maternity Clothes

When To Get Maternity Clothes – Do you think maternity clothes are a waste of money? Think again! This pregnant mom tells you 6 myths about maternity clothes, why they’re all fake, and where to get cute, affordable maternity clothes!

When I found out I was pregnant with my first baby, I was so excited that I bought (and started wearing) maternity clothes when I was only 2 months pregnant. You might think that’s ridiculous, but after 15 months of trying to conceive, I’m ready to embrace all aspects of pregnancy, including maternity clothes.

When To Get Maternity Clothes

Now on my third pregnancy, I still love maternity clothes. I wear it every day and I think it’s great. If I could, I would wear maternity pants every day, even if I wasn’t pregnant. Stretchy belts are the bomb!

The Maternity Fashion And Style Revolution Is Here

But if you’re not sure about the benefits and wonders (yes, that’s a word) of maternity clothes, I’m here to change your mind! Today I’m teaming up with my favorite maternity store, PinkBlush Maternity, and I’m going to tell you six myths about maternity clothes and why they’re ALL false! Maternity clothes are a MUST when you’re pregnant, so give me a chance to change your mind and show you why you should definitely buy maternity clothes when you’re pregnant.

1. Maternity clothes are hard to find. It’s a lie! Maternity clothes are not hard to find. There are many large retail chains that have maternity sections so you can try on clothes before you buy, and then the internet is huge with many maternity stores for every style. I wrote a post about the best places to buy maternity clothes (in store and online), so don’t try to pass this lie on me.

2. Maternity clothes don’t fit. It’s a lie! When you wear maternity pants or wear a maternity shirt, you can quickly change your mind. The elastic waistbands of maternity pants and the extra room in maternity tops are great. And I’m not talking about maternity clothes. This white floral maternity dress is super soft, has ruffles on the sides, and is stretchy so I can wear it comfortably during pregnancy. Maternity clothes are great. This myth is a big fat lie, so stop telling yourself!

3. Maternity clothes are expensive. It’s a lie! Of course, yes, there are some that are on the more expensive side, but so are all dresses. There are many great places to buy affordable maternity clothes. One of my favorites is PinkBlush Maternity, and they have a great site. You can get 15% off your first order if you sign up for our mailing list! Therefore, maternity clothes do not have to be expensive. Nothing costs more than non-baby clothes!

When Do Most Women Start Wearing Maternity Clothes?

4. You don’t need maternity clothes when you’re pregnant. It’s a lie! Oh, and if you don’t want to wear your husband’s sweatshirts and sweatpants throughout your entire pregnancy, this isn’t true! You can wear most of your clothes until the middle of your second trimester, but when you start to stretch, you may tear them, and you won’t be able to wear them after pregnancy. You definitely need maternity tops. And when it comes to pants, you may want maternity pants before your maternity top. During my third pregnancy, I couldn’t get into my pants at the beginning of the second trimester. If the bulge can’t tie your pants, the baby will grow. You definitely need maternity clothes.

5. Maternity clothes are a waste of money. It’s a lie! Yes, it’s true that maternity clothes last less than nine months. But honestly, you can wear a lot of clothes when you’re not pregnant, and you’ll probably wear them for a few weeks (or maybe months) after your baby is born. If you don’t have extra money to spend on maternity clothes, make sure to buy things that you can wear both during and without pregnancy. I would definitely consider wearing this floral top when I’m pregnant! Remember the gorgeous mint green lace dress I wore to Little A’s maternity photos two years ago? Well, I still wear it even though I’m not pregnant! Maternity clothes are not a waste of money.

6. Maternity clothes are ugly. It’s a lie! This is probably the biggest myth on this list because maternity clothes are so much fun! There are maternity clothes for every style and it’s hard for me not to buy clothes every time I’m pregnant! Maternity clothes may not have been the same 15 or 20 years ago, but now they are cute and I want them. One look at PinkBlush Maternity’s fabric and I think you’ll agree, even if the styles are different!!

There are many myths about maternity clothes, but most of them are not true. Maternity clothes these days are cute, affordable, comfortable, and perfect for when you’re pregnant. Stop telling yourself you don’t need it, because you do!! And I’m sure once you wear your first maternity dress, you’ll wear it again! Wondering when to buy maternity clothes? Find out when I choose to switch to maternity clothes and some tips on how to buy stylish clothes for less.

Maternity Clothes Can Be Fashionable: Shopping And Style Tips For Pregnant Women

Many moms are afraid to jump into maternity clothes too early (am I showing again? Am I just weird?) but what I’ve found is that finding the right clothes is key to making sure you feel comfortable. look and feel good during pregnancy.

The best strategy for creating clothes for pregnancy is to check what is in your closet that you can wear as your belly grows. Stretchy items like yoga pants and loose skirts are a good place to start, but the lower waist can be even better. Many women hate the feeling of something on their stomachs as they grow and get bigger. Look for clothes and shirts that are comfortable to accommodate the growing belly for a few weeks. Twisted yoga pants, long tanks, wrap dresses, leggings, and tank tops are all options for early maternity wear.

If you can’t tie your jeans, you can grab a belly belt. These stretchy belts are similar to a spandex belt and can hold your pants in place without them being buttoned. Another big advantage of them is that when you give birth, your maternity clothes don’t fit, but your clothes are too small or uncomfortable.

You can get away with buying a size up in bodysuits and leggings, but with most clothing, go up a size or two and you’ll look like you’re swimming in your clothes!

Where To Buy The Cutest Affordable Maternity Clothes Of 2021

Even if it seems too early, it probably isn’t. Maternity clothes are meant to fit in from the time your clothes no longer fit, right after giving birth (and giving birth).

Most women need maternity clothes for 3-4 months, but make sure your clothes fit. If you wear pants with a low waist, you may be taller than someone with a higher waist. Also remember, during second and subsequent pregnancies, you will gain weight faster than during your first pregnancy.

That said, it’s a good idea to buy maternity clothes early because you’re less likely to end up buying something expensive or expensive (or both) just because you need a dress.

There are tons of cute and flattering maternity clothes for moms that are so different than what some of our moms wear! Here are some tips to save money while creating stylish maternity clothes.

Cheap Maternity Clothes You Can Shop At Amazon

Borrow from a friend – If you have a friend or relative who is the same height as you, you may be able to borrow as many or all of the maternity clothes you need. Maternity clothes are a little more forgiving, so even if you don’t wear a pant size, you can both wear a size M, for example.

Buy Secondhand Clothes – Used maternity clothes are in great shape (as long as they are only worn for a few months at a time) and because women tend to donate more maternity clothes than regular clothes yes, it’s still an image. Many baby carrier stores sell maternity clothes. You can also check out sites like swap.com.

Ebay – You can often find “lots” of maternity clothes on online shopping sites like Ebay. These lots are sold for one price for the entire lot. Usually the seller takes pictures of many items, but not all of them. Even if you love 80% of maternity clothes, they are still affordable.

Old Navy – You can have some

Cute Maternity Dresses For Spring Under $30 On Amazon

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