Where To Buy Olukai Sandals

Where To Buy Olukai Sandals

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Where To Buy Olukai Sandals

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Honu Women’s Leather Flip Flops

The OluKai Hiapo exceeded the expectations of many of our testers. The full leather body and string with elegant baseball stitching make this one of the best models we’ve tested. Our skeptical testers were sure this would be the end of its features, but they were proved wrong. Hiapo performs surprisingly well in varied terrain and the high-quality leather is extremely durable. That’s why we made it our top pick for elegant occasions. If you’re willing to pay the big bucks, we don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

The Hiapo performs well, although it’s not ideal for excessive water activity. Still, our testers reached for it more than its superb comfort and good looks.

Even a super close-up doesn’t do justice to the beautiful stitching and high-quality smooth leather used in Hiapo.

Breaking this flop takes some work and determination. If you’re the type of person who wants instant comfort in flip flops, then these may not be the sandals for you. But if you persevere, you’ll be rewarded with a supportive, flexible, and long-lasting cut. One of the most beautiful features of the Hiapo is the incredibly soft inner thong layer. While cheaper flip-flops often rub sores between the toes or on the arch of the foot, the Hiapo felt like the soft inside of a well-worn and treated baseball glove. Maybe not a good analogy, but suffice it to say they’re soft as hell and feel like they were custom made for our feet.

Ohana Olukai Beach Sandal Flip Flops Review

The insole is made of stiff, high-quality leather and can be a little rough on your feet at first. However, in the first week of wearing these shoes, the leather begins to soften and the insole adapts to the contours of the foot. They feel like an absolute dream after a month of use and haven’t changed much since then. Hiapo feels exactly how we want flip flops to feel; even the leather cools your feet after a long day at work, which is an absolute delight.

In general, OluKai flip flops are quite stable and supportive. Hiapo is a very slight exception to this rule, being much more geared towards being elegant than it is designed for pathway planting. That being said, the Hiapo is fantastically stable for a flip-flop. The smooth leather eventually broke through and conformed to our feet in a way that absolutely bolstered the support department. Instead of a flat, even pattern, it has multiple large nubs that aren’t as sticky as other OluKai flip flops we’ve tested. We found the large lugs gave the Hiapo plush all-day comfort, but also a little more roll than other models that feel fully planted.

If you’re looking for maximum support and stability, the other OluKai synthetic flip flops in this review are definitely up a notch. The Hiapo insole is compatible with this out of the box and supports the high arch, which for us has really aged perfectly.

Hiapo seen from above. While they don’t have the absolute best support and stability, the liner has aged to perfection over time. It’s like having a flip flop made specifically for your own weird feet.

Olukai Mekila Men’s Leather Beach Sandal

Many of our testers are climbers or paddlers, and we were immediately skeptical of these sandals’ traction ability as soon as we took them out of the box. The sole of the flop is wrapped in leather and there are only eight rubber “traction modules” to create a grippy tread. While these aren’t in the same league as other Olukai flip-flops we’ve tested, the grip is surprisingly good.

We’ve climbed around slabs of rock and carried them to the cliff base on several crags. The grip that the Hiapo offers goes far beyond what we would expect from a stylish urban flip-flop and is worlds better than any flip-flop with a pure EVA foam sole. Notably, wet grip is pretty decent, although we don’t recommend getting it wet regularly.

The Hiapo was a lot more versatile than our first impressions suggested, but it’s still not the best shooter in the category. The Versatility rating tells you how well this flip flop performed outside of its intended use: to look good and keep your feet happy all day. Hiapo’s true bread and butter is attention to fine leather detail, beautiful stitching, and surprising ability when you push her outside of a garden party.

At first glance, this sandal might seem only for weddings and fancy dinners, but we quickly discovered that it does a few other things well too. We took this flop on smooth granite slabs and found it more than adequate. Where Hiapo falters is in water sports. Full leather sandals shouldn’t get wet every day, especially ones that cost as much as these. However, OluKai makes sandals with water in mind, and this one is no exception. It can handle more water than you initially expect, so you don’t have to feel like dodging every puddle along the way.

Olukai Women’s U’i Sandals

These are our flops when we go into town when we really need something to distract people from our dingy climbing tips.

These are some of the most stylish flip flops we’ve tested. In fact, they look so good that some of our testers thought this flop was too pretty to adorn their weary, adventurous feet. Even if you’re like our testers and have ugly hobbit feet, Hiapo can work wonders. Okay, maybe it won’t really change the look of your feet, but they are without a doubt the most beautiful flip flops we’ve donned this year.

Premium leather thong and thong with bold, distinctive baseball style outer stitching for a sophisticated yet durable look. The EVA sockliner is fully wrapped in full grain leather with a pretty Polynesian graphic laser engraved into the sockliner. It’s hard to compare the Hiapo’s style to other sandals we’ve tested; it really is in a class by itself.

These flip-flops are clearly the most expensive in our test. However, after wearing it for a while, it becomes clear that you are getting a lot for the steep price. Full grain leather and hand stitching with a compression molded EVA sole ensure this sandal is built to last. While we haven’t tried some of them to the point of failure, they do beg the question, “How many more pairs of flip-flops would you have to buy to outlive one pair?” Like any well-built item, the Hiapo gets better with time – if you can afford a pair without breaking the bank, they’re worth adding to your wardrobe.

Olukai Nui Sandals

OluKai Hiapo is from our test group. No other sandal we’ve tested comes close in terms of build, class…or price. What we initially thought were strictly date sandals turned out to be an “everything but watersports” flop. His ability to do most things well, coupled with a suspicious style, won easily

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