Where To Sell Brand New Shoes

Where To Sell Brand New Shoes

Where To Sell Brand New Shoes – Not all sneakerheads are in the game for the same reason. Some are in for nostalgia and still love the taste of their youth. Some are in search of clout, addicted to posting their latest roots on Instagram. Others are there for profit and run their shoe closets like a business.

Regardless of how you got into sneakers, it’s almost impossible these days to keep up with all the shoes that drop every weekend. The thing is, there comes a time when you feel the need to ditch some of your savings, either to make room for a new pair or because you feel it’s time to stock up on your collection shrink. Conversely, specialty sneaker marketplaces like Grailed, Klekt, StockX, and others have grown, connecting buyers and sellers around the world.

Where To Sell Brand New Shoes

First, it’s important to get the right photos for your listing. Before you begin, remember not to take product photos from other websites. Regardless of what you are selling, do not do a Google search or download an image from the Nike website.

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Make sure all your photos are original. The lack of your photo is the main reason that can prevent people from trusting the authenticity of your shoes and offers. Most websites require an original annotated image as part of their instructions, so it’s always a good idea to get a sticky note, write your name and date in legible handwriting, and use it as your own watermark on your photos.

For photos, cover the basics and add a wide-angle shot of the sneakers and three or four close-up photos from different angles. If the item is dead it is always advisable to include a photo of the tag, receipt and label on the box and a photo of the outsole as proof that the shoe has never been worn.

When it comes to coveted sneakers, buyers will be particularly wary of counterfeits. In this case, it is necessary to follow the “real vs. fake” guidelines online. Several dedicated Instagram accounts are helping, including @yeezybusta. YouTube channels are another option.

A look at these guides can prove very useful in knowing exactly what kind of detail shot you need for any smart shopper who wants to take a closer look at the shoes and spot the specific differences between the real pair and the fake. This also helps you avoid follow-up questions and photo requests from potential buyers.

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This is especially important if you don’t have the original receipt for your sneaker purchase, as buyers expect a certain level of security before making a purchase.

Make sure the photos are well lit and use a consistent background. Flight Club’s Instagram feed is a good example. They use a simple and clean background to highlight the details of the sneaker. Use a professional camera if you can afford it. Otherwise, most smartphone cameras are sufficient.

Once you have your image, the next step is to define your sneaker list. Let’s take the Air Jordan I Retro “Royal” as an example. Use sites like StockX or Flight Club to find your shoes. The website has the shoes’ fashion code to add to your description if you’re the meticulous type. Of course, this also includes the shoe size.

If you’re selling used shoes with defects, highlight them in your photos and go into detail in the description. The key is to provide more information than you feel is necessary to avoid post-transaction misunderstandings.

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If you’ve never worn or tried on your shoes, you can call them dead. Otherwise, you must describe the condition of your shoes at your own discretion. Be honest when buying or selling used shoes. Shoes are often rated using terms like “VNDS” (very close to death) or on a scale of one to 10, so use your best judgement.

The “VNDS” rating is entirely subjective. So if you know or can estimate how often you’ve worn your shoes – be it once, five or ten times – then you’re being honest with potential buyers. Worn sneakers (known as “beaters”) can get you into trouble. You probably won’t have any problem finding buyers for the 8/10 YEEZY, but don’t waste time listing the beater vans you’ve swarmed into all summer.

If you sell used shoes, there will undoubtedly be defects. So if you want to maximize your sneakers – and you should – you need to clean them before taking pictures. Although they appear to be in decent condition, you’ll be surprised at how much they care about good hygiene, especially their soles. A shoe previously rated 5/10 due to dirty soles and stained uppers may be rated 6/10 or even 7/10 after severe rubbing.

In fact, you should clean every part of the sneaker that you can reach. The most obvious spots are the center and the outside because cleaning them will make both kicks look fresher. This is also where most of the dirt and wear and tear is found on the sneaker. Once the midsoles and outsoles are clean, it’s time to inspect the upper. Depending on the material, you should be able to scrub away multiple stains and stains.

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This is where the material your shoes are made of really matters. You can use a brush and soap for most indoor and outdoor shoes. If your shoes are leather or suede, you can invest in specialized cleaning products. Fabrics and knits are often easy to clean, and in some cases can even be thrown in the washing machine (but it gets noisy).

As for the product, there is a specific brand for sneaker cleaning. The big ones are Jason Markk and Crep Protect, while smaller names like Sneakers ER and Reshoevn8r are also worth checking out.

Before setting a price, conduct a search on StockX to quickly determine the value of the item being sold. Remember that the price you set should be in line with the market price so that you can be properly compensated for the sneakers you want to sell and suitable for buyers. If your prices are not in line with the market, you may underprice yourself or overprice your items and not receive a response to your bid.

Note, however, that StockX’s price is often higher than actual market value due to the fees traders pay. Many retailers price their shoes higher and lower the price. However, this is probably one of the easiest ways to figure out who should pay the kick. Another option is to post a price check on a forum or Facebook buy/sell group where other sneakerheads can give you feedback on the future.

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If your shoes are worn or have defects and you’re selling the sneakers below market value, it’s important to explain why you’re selling them in the first place. Buyers are often (rightly) skeptical when the price seems too cheap.

Also, think about what your shipping costs will be and build that into your listing price or add a “price + shipping” clause so you don’t agree on a price and then know you’re paying the shipping costs for everyone Articles must take over the world.

When making a transaction through PayPal, we encourage you to pay for or receive the money as a “goods or service” regardless of which online marketplace you use. If a buyer claims they haven’t received their item, the protection policy will cover the seller for the full amount of the payment as long as you can provide a receipt or proof that the item was shipped.

In the US, Grailed has become a destination for sellers as sellers of counterfeit products are banned. When an item sells, Grailed earns a 6% commission plus applicable PayPal fees: 2.9% and 30 cents for domestic sales; 4.4 percent and 30 cents for International.

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StockX’s hassle-free platform is perhaps the easiest and least stressful for buyers and sellers. When your product sells, StockX acts as an intermediary to verify its authenticity and even provides the seller with a UPS shipping label at their Detroit location. If StockX confirms that the pair is genuine, the seller gets paid immediately, without having to wait for the buyer to receive the shoes.

Klekt has also quickly developed into an online marketplace for Europe. It recently followed in the footsteps of platforms like StockX and launched what it calls Klekt’s Offer. Instead of browsing through individual listings like Grailed, customers can go straight to the sneaker and see what sizes are available for purchase. Like StockX and GOAT, Klekt guarantees its reliability as an intermediary. There is a fee for this service, resulting in a lower price.

Finally, eBay is still a great place to list sneakers, especially if your account has a good rating. Aside from many users adding a few suffixes like “Undefeated, Jordan YEEZY, Patta…” and so on, eBay has been around for a long time.

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