Who Sells Rainbow Sandals Near Me

Who Sells Rainbow Sandals Near Me – This pair of rainbow shoes is under 11 years old. I know this because I bought them at a surf shop in Pacifica, CA shortly after I moved to San Francisco. I have worn it at least 3-5 times a week for over ten years. On three continents, in ten different countries. They have become the norm for urban shoes. They became cycling shoes. They became work shoes. They became hiking shoes.

I have been wearing rainbow shoes for about 20 years now. I replaced the pair you see below with my third Rainbow pair. 20 years old, two pairs of shoes. I paid about $50 for an old pair and about $50 for a new one. This pair is still somewhat functional, but the soles are scuffed. Time for a new one, but I’d say 10 years is pretty good.

Who Sells Rainbow Sandals Near Me

They are as simple as it gets. A bit of rubber, nylon stitching, leather upper and laces. Each pair is handcrafted in California and is virtually unchanged over decades of production.

Rainbow Leather Sandals With Arch Support Online

Of course, it’s just a shoe. They are far from technical. You don’t ride them too much. I wouldn’t run too much in them. But they’ve been a part of every warm-weather adventure I’ve been on for more than two decades. Maybe I’m remembering it wrong, maybe I just made it up myself and forgot, but I believe the Rainbow had a slogan that said, “Working Shoes for the Navy.” Let’s change it to waterman work boots, but keep the shoes the same.

I cannot recommend them enough. There should be more such products. Simply, do one thing, do it very well.

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